Smart Render (colour/material) stool?

Hey all.
I’ve just been thinking of an idea for a tool that would really come in handy, I had a look and I couldn’t find one that met my idea, I was a little bit surprised.
Anyway, to get to my point. The idea is a colour and/or material tool (both or at least one of each) that not only renders the prop but the entire contraption (all constrainted props). I think this would be great for those who want to make contraptions out of a single generic block or tile, but give it a diffrent look. It would probably come in handy for pixelart among other things.

I say this mainly because the stacker tool doesn’t retain the render info of the prop being duplicated… If it did, that might negate the need for a tool like this, so it’s an alternative…

If something like this has been made, I appologize. If not, shouldn’t somebody start?

Post your thoughts.