Smart Snap ( Help needed )

I’ve been playing G mod for quite a while now and just yesterday it seems as if my smart snap had broke. I can still see the lines of the grid on my smart snap but when i hit E ( The Use/Toggle Button ) Nothing happens. It does not snap to anything on any piece of prop that I spawn.

I honestly don’t how people build without this tool, but for me its impossible considering I’m a neat freak when it comes to building because I love to show off the various amounts of things that I develop. I’ve tried almost everything I can possibly think of, Like reinstalling smart snap, then I’ve even deleted all my addons except smart snap, Then I said F*** it and reinstalled G mod completely; Nothing worked. So Please any help on this situation would be welcomed an appreciated.


What from I’ve been checking up on, There’s been seven people reading this post. Not one posted some form of support or rather some kind of suggestions. Anything is up for a trial from now on, I’m tired of having this problem without having its solution.

bind e +use in console.

Check in Options -> Keyboard to see if your E key is still bound to use.