SmartLoad - Cheap, feature filled loading screen

This thread is dumb.

Gamemode & Addon Releases

Hold on, let me get this right. So, you’re just trying to get more traffic and buyer on Coderhire? You’re not releasing it. You’re just using it to try and get more sales. Aren’t you just a fantastic fucking person.

You don’t need a Steam API key to get player information. All you need is to catch their 64-id then load their xml.

		$ProfileURL = '' . convertSteamID($steamid);
		$xml = simplexml_load_file($ProfileURL . '/?xml=1');

Wow, didn’t know that, thanks for the tip. :slight_smile:
I regret posting this thread now.

Ill flood you with my gamemode & addon releases.

This method is deprecated. As seen on that page, it is advised to use the Steam Web API.

Wow. Just Wow. Welcome to Facepunch and mentioning dumbs will just get you more dumbs. Shame I couldn’t see what TheLuaNoob was saying, I could do with a laugh ;(

I was advertising my script on Coderhire. Simple as. I withheld it because I knew I was going to get an overwhelmingly negative response when I got 4 dumb ratings within 5 minutes.

Because this section isn’t for advertising.

I’m pretty sure there isn’t a section for advertising on Facepunch. Lol.

That should have been the giveaway not to post it at all

Welcome to the asshole end of the internet. Dumb ratings are what feed most of the members here. It will never be removed because dumb rate drama (DRD) is what generates a lot of posts here.

I’d say there’s a difference between releasing something and advertising something.