SmartSnap help

Hey, I’ve been having problems with smartsnap for a while, and it’s constantly bugging me.
When I ‘Snap’ onto a point, then move and click my mouse, it fires where the mouse would be and not on the actual snap.
This problem seems to be affecting some people since an update a little while ago, and others can use it just fine and dandy.

If this description is too vague, I could probably try and bring up a screenshot.

It’s really bugging me how I can’t make precise contraptions anymore, and thanks in advance.

Do you have ACF installed? I believe Marcus found a bug in ACF’s lua files that caused that exact problem. Delete the ACF lua files but keep the model files. Sadly, you won’t be able to use ACF in singleplayer but it still works on multiplayer and you can still see the models.

I deleted my whole ACF when I had this problem

but if you dont have ACF, delete any addon that you think might mess smartsnap

I use ACF, so I’ll give this a go. Thanks.

Edit: It did nothing. And any other addons I have don’t seem to do anything with smartsnap.

look for an updated smartsnap on

Just tried. The most recent one is over 200 days old, and it’s supposed to be a fix, althought It didn’t fix it. The problem’s quite recent for me. It happened within 200 days, though. I know that much.