Smartsnap wont work (also E2)

so, played some gmod, everything worked normally, the next day i tried to play smartsnap grid wont show up and E2 doesnt work.
i’ve tried reinstalling smartsnap and wire, also reinstalled gmod, nothing works.

Btw, fair getting banned on these forums for asking on the wrong forum? dont think so >_>

Where you go the tools from? link, also have you got wire? or just the e2 tool installed

Tools i got from and i do have wire installed is old(dont use it anymore…). you probably got old version of wiremod because E2 is automaticly in wiremod. U use Steam workshop(gmod) for tools and other stuff. But anyway here the stuff: --Updated Smartsnap --Wire SVN – Wire in ZIP file - Updated Stacker tool(just for extra if you need xD)