Smash, Slope & Dodgeball by MoronYard

****Gamemode / Addon Development

This gamemode features a unique Plaver vs. Player experience. Instead of a battle of force, it’s a battle of reaction time, speed and physics. Every map is unique and has its own challenges. The objective is to be the last man standing.

As each round begins, boxes are fired from cannons all around the map. This may not be the best thing, as you have found yourself standing on an unstable platform. You run around frantically in an attempt to not be crushed or take the long fall to your death. You must make your way, amidst the chaos, across the platforms in an attempt to find the safest area. Either you find it, or you end up dead.

Last one standing wins a cash reward. The amount of money that is received is dependent on how many players are playing. A new round begins, and it brings with it a new set of challenges.


The objective of this gamemode is to race the other players to the top of a hill. Props big and small begin to fall from the sky. They tumble down the hill and make their way towards you. Now comes the fun part, you get to dodge them. You weave in and out of the props, trying to stay alive. The first one to reach the top is rewarded, but everyone else is too! It all depends on how far you can get up that pesky hill.


[release]**TF2-Style Dodgeball
This gamemode consists of two teams with the main objective of eliminating the rival team. Each team member will be given a blaster to deflect rockets. Your reaction time will be tested as you will need to shoot back any approaching rockets to avoid being hurt. The last team left alive will be the winner.

All players are split into 2 teams with each team having their own area. After a short period of time the round starts and a rocket is fired from each of the teams areas. The rocket fired is aimed at one of the players on the enemy team; for example the rocket fired from the blue area is targeted at a player on the red team.

Blasters are modified TF2 flamethrowers with the ability to deflect rockets using the compression blast. You can get different and more powerful blasters by crafting or finding them.

When the rocket approaches you or other members of your team you should right click with the blaster to deflect the rocket towards the other team. Each blast will increase the speed of the rocket until it hits a player and explodes. If you get hit too often, you will die and have to wait for the next round.

Dodgeball was originally developed by voogru for Team Fortress 2; this is merely an adaptation of the gamemode for Garry’s Mod and I take no credit in the idea.




[release]**nonDB Server-addon
nonDB is our main server add-on which adds a lot of exciting features to all gamemodes.

  • Around 110 different hats, auras and body attachments which can be bought in the **shop **and managed in the inventory.
  • 4 item qualities and 40 different particle effects for extra rare items.
  • A crafting system which allows the player to create new items. There are currently over 30 different recipes!
  • The ability to trade your items to other players in the marketplace.
  • An item drop-system inspired by TF2, through which players can randomly find new items to use & craft.
  • Map voting systems for all gamemodes.
    -** Events** are planned on a regular basis, such as Halloween & Holiday Events or tournaments for our gamemodes.
  • Awards and achievements for all our gamemodes.
  • Profiles which track player statistics such as wins, losses, kills and deaths.
  • … and a lot more.

All of these features are available on all servers and are integrated into our forums.



**Servers and Links

**Website & Forums:
Item Database:

Smash [#1] -
Slope [#2] -
Dodgeball [#3] [BETA] -
Lobby [#4] -

Stebbzor - Coding / Art.
nonSENSE - Coding / Art.
garry :smiley: - (obviously)
voogru - Idea for TF2 Dodgeball
JetBoom - Idea for shop, awards & votemap
Sadistic Slayer & _ChewGum - Idea for Slope
Chrisaster - gm_sourcenet3 and ResourceX
VoideD - gmsv_furryfinder
CapsAdmin - Origin-fix for hats
Divran & sk8 - DrawOutlinedRoundedRect function
Valve - TF2, CS:S and HL2 content
Knoxed, Jequito, SniperDuck, Persious, Fro Dough, SonicSnipe, RedeaD - Creating several hats for the server

If I forgot someone, please let me know.

Wow, looks pretty decent.

(Yes, I know im a hardcore player of your servers but this is the first time ive seen everything in one place! :P)

hey this is really cool

Been playing on Moron Yard for awhile now, the gamemodes are unique to garrysmod and the shop is fantastic. Their is a joy in having a badass hat/body/aura on the server. It allows you to individualize yourself. Not to mention he gamemodes, they all revolve around getting money for the shop, thus fueling your incentive to play. Plus its fun in general.

also… Im listed twice on the credits :smiley: <WINNING>
>edit: Damn you fixed it.

I’ve played alot and I must say the gamemodes are great. Nice job. And thanks for crediting me.

Looks fun!

Ye the Slope and Smash I have played they are quite fun. It’s a friendly community.

Very nice communtiy, everything has been coded well and you can tell lots of effort has been put towards their servers. I hope to see them get bigger, as they deserve the popularity.

Just need moar maps for Slope. Was pretty darn fun.

Yeah we’re actually looking for mappers for it. So if you’re interested then please contact either me or nonsense.

Loved playing there, and enjoyed it as long as there were some players on. Definetly worth a try you all!

Slope sounds really fun. I’m hyped.

You know you’re doing something right when Garry says your gamemode is fun.
( I say they’re fun too. I played before you made a steam thread. :hipster:)

MOTHER OF GOD, Smash was the most funnest gamemode ever for me and now i found a server ment for it with a friendly community and shop Awesome

Oh my fucking god typing XD in chat kills you I love your servers.

Your servers are populated by 12 year olds never mind.

What server on gmod doesn’t have its group of them? Anywho most of them dont use mics sooooooo.

Did you even play on any of them? I’ve played around on them today and only had 1 annoying kid on a mic. The rest were silent, but still playing.

noxiousnet doesn’t.