Smashball Grapple Hook

Would it be possible to make a grapple hook that works exactly or close to exactly like the grapple hook in the mod Smashball? The grapple hook in that mod is excellent, and putting it into Gmod would be awesome.

There’s already a couple grapple hook mods on

By the looks of it, that’s just another crap grappling hook, like most of the are. I’m not sure if you even know how Smashball’s grappling hook system works.
Right click is shoot hook, and if you hold down right click you’ll be slowly reeled in. Once you let go of the right mouse button it stops reeling you in, and you just hang there. You right click again to let go.
The thing that’s unique about it though is that they have a system similar to Left 4 Dead’s smoker’s tongue system. The rope can bend over ledges/get caught. Just think of the smoker’s tongue and how it doesn’t clip through walls like the rope in GMod does.
Sadly, I don’t think it’s possible because of that exact reason. I think we’re doomed to be stuck with fail clip-through-walls rope.

Also, I hate those auto reel-in grapple hooks that are all over the place.

Bump because this could be really damned awesome if someone knows how to do this.

Bumpin for to help of the make.
Need a good coder to see this and go “Hey, I can do this”
Then he shall be loved.

I rather not install smash ball just to check out its grappling hook. Can anyone explain how it works for us?

Why doesn’t someone just rip the code straight from the mod? Is it because its a different engine version or something?

Also, Here’s a vid of the grappling hook.

first of all the mod was not coded in lua (i assume) also the source is not just available to anyone.


Also its not nice to “steal” code.