"Smashy smashy!" +bonus



Also 2 Bonus


Orig:** http://img6.imageshack.us/img6/8654/mrfreemanorig.jpg



didn’t put much effort into any of these.

Just did them cause I felt like it.

The first picture doesn’t make sense…

Isn’t she supposed to be raped in some cruel fashion before he-- I think I saw too much of that Psycho Thread.

Good work.

He has a pipe in his hands. Her knee is gonna be pointing down in a second.

Wheres Gordon when you need him?

That Gman one is awesome.

The hunter picture popped up and I almost fell outta my chair.
Really nice pictures.

I fucking agree with Chesty, the Gman one is too awesome… I cant… too good… :suicide:

Holy shit at gman.

The ones with 2 color lights are awesome!

everyone got dumb’d…

Agreed with Chesty as well, the Gman one is incredible.

The Gman one is my new desktop background. That is seriously awesome. If i may ask, why do your models look so high quality? I mean, they look real.
I mean, if you saw this: [img_thumb]http://img22.imageshack.us/img22/8273/mrfreeman.jpg[/img_thumb] and you had no clue who that was or what half life was, you would say that was a real person…

It’s the default high quality model in Garrys mod.

The editing makes it stand out a bit more.

Gman is my new Background.