Smd-exported models- bones are all messed up

i’m using blender and every time i try to export a armature this happens.
Does anyone know a way to fix this?

Why you export armature? Export model instead.

Well, i did that but this happened

Post your blender project here please, I’ll take a look.

The model’s skeleton is broken and is not equal to player models’ skeleton.

Take player models’ sources from here:

Import kleiner’s reference model into scene.

Re-pose and re-scale your character to match kleiner’s shape. Apply character’s armature modifier. Re-add armature modifier, but pick kleiner’s armature as object (or simply drag and drop your mesh into kleiner’s armature, so it is re-assigned automatically). Duplicate and transfer rest bones (non ValveBiped bones) to kleiner armature.

Thank you dude, i will give it a try

Hey mate, thanks for the advice. Really worked!

Ps: already fixed the weird thing in the PM