SMD Exporting issue?

Hello, sorry I’m new to the facepunch forums; don’t bite me haha.
But I have rigged an existing ragdoll to a playermodel myself. Although in game you can see these nasty polygons.(ignore the sizeing and bodygroup issue, thats currently being fixed.)

This is what I mean about the nasty polygons.(image is a little outdated since I have fixed most of the rigging errors)

thanks to my fiance for the image,compiling and testing

In 3DS Max the model is smoothed it doesn’t show these polygons, I have used wunderboy and cannonfodder SMD export. These two seem to be the cause of this. When I used WallWorm SMD exporter, it was smooth but everything was broken(vertices broke and missing textures).

Is anyone willing to help me with this problem? ;; I have tried everything.

Are you talking about the squared polies on the back of the hat and hair? Thats a smoothing group error. You can automatically smooth the mesh itself to make it work. I think smoothing groups export into source.

It’s the entire model sadly. I am not sure how to smooth the mesh itself. I don’t think they are supposed to be smooth.

yeah your normals are broken in 3dsmax throw an edit normals modifier on the mesh then do Control-A

hit reset then unify

When using the WW SMD Exporter, you have to learn a little bit of a different way of texturing than with the legacy exporters.

WW’s SMD Exporter uses the Material Name for the VMT Name, NOT THE BITMAP NAME in diffuse.

I’m not sure what you mean when you said the vertices were broken. Can you explain this more? In a large percentage of cases sent to me, models do not export well because they were scaled at the object level and the meshes need their XForm reset before exporting.

The smoothing in WW’s SMD has these different options:

*** Auto:** Use Explicit Normals if there is an Edit Normals modifier on the object, or Face Render Normals (Smoothing Groups) if no Edit Normals is present.

*** Face Render Normals:** Use Smoothing Groups only.

*** Explicit Normals:** Use Explicit Normals even if no Edit Normals modifier is present.

When using a model brought into Max via FBX (created in Blender or Maya) you should export it with the Explicit Normals setting (or apply your own edit normals mod and use Auto).

We found that it was the Explicit Normals, I was dumb enough not to see this option. Thanks everyone for the help!