.smd file not exporting in blender. help? Description in thread.

First time making a tf2 item and i have been trying to get it exported for a good few hours and nothing it keeps giving me errors. So i have restored and tried again. Sometimes i can’t parent the model to the bip_head joint. I tihnk the problem is that i have two models for the same item on one joint. So do i group them or do i have to hide something to merge the item inside teh player model. This is my second time doing the same item and i don’t want too have to start from scratch again. Just want someone to look over my stuff and tell me where i am going wrong or lead me in the righr direction. Additional question the item is a misc should it be applied to the bip_head joint in the first place. To give you an idea the item is like the medic item “Wings of Purity”.

What errors is it giving you?

The best solution would be providing both a screenshot of the error and a .blend file

Given how the OP is worded, though, I’m certain you don’t want people messing around with your model