SMD to MDL converting tutorial needed!

If someone cold make a tutorial about converting .smd to .mdl file, but detailed one. Actualy it would be better if someone could make tutorial from brgining. From making model in 3ds max to importing it to game? Please!

Making one now.

It’s not converting, it’s compiling…

I know the theory behind it and I’ve got the process down, but my compiles always mess up. So a tutorial would be helpful to me too.

Thanks Jaanus, please Pm me or make a post here when it’s finished! :smiley:

It is finished.

Here you go.

Thank you very much! :dance:

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RAVE BREAK! lol nice tutorial

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I tried jaanus’ tut and it said
qdir: “c:\documents and settings\ghsghsfghsj\my documents”
gamedir: “C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps
g_path: “chineseofficersword”
Working on “chineseofficersword.qc”
SMD MODEL chineseofficersword.smd
ERROR: Aborted Processing on ‘models\HERPDERP\chineseofficersword.mdl’

You need to have the folders created

Link to tutorial is dead. Any help?

Did you try taking out forums.facepunchstudios and replace it with just facepunch?

That worked for me.