"Smells like dinner!"


Original: http://img268.imageshack.us/img268/1074/dmresistance0004.jpg

Nice! Everything looks good. Though it seems a little weird that the infected are not even reacting to the fire.

There’s the scatman we all know and love!

I can’t even begin to describe how that might smell…
I’ll start with delicious.

Aww Shucks*****


***** in Ellis voice

wow nice shading

great picture

Lovely. Did you sharpen Nick a little bit? It looks awesome.

The shading on the face is incredible but the rest of the shading doesn’t look nearly as detailed. I guess most of the work went into the texturing and fixing all the crappy issues with the model and texture, which will be sadly lost on most viewers.

Wonderful work overall.

As one tip: vary the direction of your texturing more! You can almost get away with some laziness in this picture because the texture is dark and the picture is dark, but in the future you might want to make sure that your texture follows the shape of the clothing more realistically.

Holy fuck, that’s probably the best shading I’ve seen done to the picture. Mainly the face looks amazing.

Woah awesome shading.

I did sharpen him a bit to add a bit more detail/grit.

The face was the main focus of the shading. The hands only got some small adjustments and his clothes were pretty much to dark for me to feel the need to go into detail.

yeah, I used a general texture and applied it to the whole suit in one chunk. Normally I would change the direction of the pattern for each part, but it comes back to the whole “too dark” thing. Also, I get lazy.

Nick eats zombies?

I was looking through his quotes on the L4D2 wiki and it was one of his quotes.

[ After lighting several Infected on fire ] “Smells like dinner!” ***

Lens flare! :smiley:

All looks nice, his left hand looks like plastic or some shiny shit.

Zombies in the background are like “what… I’m burning? oh this is bad, I guess”

they should be flailing :frowning:

By Nick’s expression and the title I am tempted to believe nick is going to have fried zombies for dinner.
Like the flashlight.

Once again I shall ask…

Will you make a tutorial?

I can’t really make a tutorial. It’s just a bunch of little shading using the regular brush(black), blurring it, and changing opacity.I can only make a video where I am editing a picture. Only problem is that the video would be like an hour long and several hundred mbs.

Nick eats zombies to get revenge on the zombes that try to eat him.


The picture definitely shows off Nick’s sexiness. :3:

Me likey. hart.