[SMF] Garry's Mod Web Admin, All In One.

This is a WIP web plugin, I’ve just been developing it for about 5 days now, I do plan to add a lot more features but here is what it has now:
For demonstration purposes I copied over some BYBServer Bans.
*Server Start / Stop / Restart
*Server RCON
*Server Logs
*SMF Auth
*SMF Login
*SQL Update
*SMF Donations
*Auto Rank Set

*Global Ban List
*Server List
*ULX Support
*ASS Support
*FAdmin Support

As a hole its all automatic, no need to edit the design, it will use your SMF’s theme.

Quick FAQ:
Q: Will I make it look nicer?
A: Yes.



i’m afraid you’ve posted in the wrong section…

try garrysmod general discussion
also read stickeys/sub-forum section. before you post…


> Made it playing Garry’s Mod
> Screen shot
However if I am mistaken, a Admin will most probably move it.

This is for poses, movies, comics, etc not your menu screenshot

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oh and saves and dupes i guess too

Keep complaining, changes nothing. A Admin will move it if necessary.

You should release this :d looks so good

there’s seriously no need to be this defensive dude, they’re not complaining, just trying to inform you

Wrong section dude, this should be here http://facepunch.com/forums/66 , you can’t say that for having a screenshot of your menu in the thread, this should be placed here, because you are wrong.