SMF Group Sync

I made this script for my server and I thought some other people might find it useful. It will sync your ULX groups with the Simple Machine Forum Mod’s groups. This is my first full Lua script. I wish I could make the config easier but it’s as easy as it’s going to get.

It is currently only available for ULX and Simple Machine Forums but if there is a demand for other admin or forum mods to be supported I will add comparability.

Put ‘SMF-Group-Sync-master’ inside your addons folder.

Configuring this script is quite easy. Just input your database’s info at the top. Under that, you will see a table labeled GroupID. The ULX group name will equal the ID of the SMF group you want that ULX group to be synced with.

Finding SMF Group’s Group ID
To do this, on your SMF site, go to Admin > Members > Membergroups and click on the member group of which you want to find the ID. In the URL of the page, there will be a part that says group=x (ex:;area=membergroups;sa=members;group=13). This is your SMF Group ID.

You will need to download and install MySQLOO.
Allow external connections to your SMF database.


Nice work. Also MyBB wouldn’t hurt.

XenForo one would be sweet

I could do it but I just need access to a MyBB database that has Steam logins setup.

How did you get steam login working in SMF? Been looking for a way

In order to do this I’d again, need to look at someone’s database with Steam logins setup.

I’ve used this as a base and now have the system fully integrated with my forums.

When a new player joins it adds them to the forums (so that there is a record of them already.)
When a forum rank gets updated, it changes the users ingame rank when they join next/map change.
When an ingame rank gets updated, it changes the users forum rank.

Any user whos joined already and doesn’t have a user account their account gets created with their rank ingame.

Cool, thanks for the ideas (:

mybb would be mean


gForum… lol

Steam logins are no longer required. You can sync groups via IP addresses now.

Edit: Syncing with SteamID’s is still an option and it is highly recommended that you use this option instead of syncing with IP addresses if possible.

I’ll add MyBB support tomorrow.

OMG Ok GodzBro Imma help out here so go ahead and add my steam [SHG]GamesPuff and i can get you anything you need from myBB i have steam logins.

Thanks for the offer but I’m all set.

MyBB is now supported.

oh so what about the steam login without ips?

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Also gonna test now il tell you how it goes.

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question the forum database has a different username/access imma need to change that wont i?

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NVM last edit lol sorry :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hmmm some lua errors btw GodzBro

Please paste your errors here.

You can choose to either sync via the player’s IP address or their 64-bit SteamID (recommended). You can’t combine the two.

[ERROR] addons/smf-group-sync-master/lua/autorun/server/smf_groupsync.lua:123: ’
then’ expected near ‘=’

  1. unknown - addons/smf-group-sync-master/lua/autorun/server/smf_groupsync.lua

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hmm would this work with steamid on mybb tho?

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LOL YOLO i changed to SMF to test it how would i get steam on here?

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nvm back to my BB so how would this work with steam id on myBB i have a plugin/mod/addon whatever you want to call it for steam logins and stuff so now what?

Just install MySQLoo, set up the config and you should be good to go.

I fixed that error for you; please use the updated version from Github and tell me if you have any other errors.

would love to use this. However my web hosting does not allow external connections the the database. Shitty Go Daddy hosting