SMF Player registration + a question regarding SRCDS restarting

Alright Sadistic, I think you may be right, recently it has been taking HLSW several tries to connect to RCON too, so your diagnosis makes sense. Do you have any suggestions to what I should do? Does it have to do with using too many NWStrings or Usermessages?

As far as configuring Serverchecker goes, I’m not sure what you mean, there is no way to “configure the settings for queries”. If I set it to run in normal program mode then it wouldn’t detect hangs, would it?

Maybe change the rates? Currently:

sv_maxrate 30000  //DONT CHANGE
sv_minrate 4000   //DONT CHANGE
sv_maxupdaterate 100   //DONT CHANGE
sv_minupdaterate 15   //DONT CHANGE
fps_max 600  //DONT CHANGE
decalfrequency 10   //DONT CHANGE

The dedicated server CPU is not near overloaded. The server is a 26 slot DarkRP-SVN Build server. Yes I’m sorry for hosting DarkRP, I am fervently on my own gamemode.

I also have my own admin mod, which adds 3 networkedints and 1 networked string on every player. Also I read that DarkRP has transitioned off NWVars mostly in favor of using DTvars

You don’t have to pay me, I’d prefer to have done this for free.
Updated at same link (Dropbox makes such a great file host).

Slayer, I know ServerChecker and other similar software does this as well, but this was a way to actually learn C# for once. Liked using it, it turns out… ServerChecker probably does this job better anyway, but hey.

Switched around the arguments again, example running would be
SRCDSRestarter.exe 10000 20000 C:/SRCDS/srcds.exe -console +map gm_construct etc etc etc
Timeout, delay, path, srcds arguments. In that order. Times are still in milliseconds.

It also now keeps track of the process via a C# variable, System.Diagnostics.Process, so that should handle the multiple-servers issue. That also means that the behavior is now to start the process itself, so be aware.

Don’t mess with the the rates, if anything up the minrate.

Timeout: this is how long ServerChecker should wait for a reply from the server. Value in seconds(Default:1).
Pause: the time ServerChecker waits between 2 attempts to contact the server. Value in seconds(Default:3)
Startup: this is the estimated time the server program needs to start up. This value is in seconds(Default:30) 
and should be interpreted as follows: 
During 2/3 of the time ServerChecker will do nothing but wait. 
During the remaining 1/3 of the time ServerChecker will check if the server is waiting for console input, indicating it is ready. 
It is advised to set the startup value as indicated in the FAQ here

With your restart loops, that issue is addressed here.

Q: ServerChecker keeps restarting my server. 
A: If server IP and port are correct then your startup time is most likely not high enough. Measure the time needed for you server to start up (the time needed for the console to display "Round_Start" for HL/HL2 based servers) multiply that by approximately 1.5 and use that time as "Startup" value. This is because ServerChecker will wait 2/3 of that time, and it will monitor the server for console input the remainder(1/3) of the time, indicating it is ready

You pretty much asked for someone to recreate ServerChecker because the method doesn’t work reliably.

My servers don’t really hang that often, I periodically check my forums throughout the day and if I see that one of them is offline I can restart them from my phone or desktop really easily. Servers don’t really hang all that often from my experience, hanging used to be a major issue but it doesn’t seem as much of a problem with srcds anymore.

I do agree though that ServerChecker is some what inadequate as queries in source are terrible and quick exploitable too but it’s pretty much your best bet.

I suggest playing with the settings on ServerChecker to let it wait out queries quite far apart, the only thing it seems to be lacking is an option to choose how many queries before it is considered down and is restarted. Highguy released the v4 sourcecode somewhere I think, if someone were to pick it up it probably wouldn’t be too difficult to add some stuff like that.

My primary server is a build server, so it crashes and hangs much more often than, say, a roleplaying server.

I’ve messed with the startup times, going from 30 seconds to 90 seconds. Changing the other settings didn’t help as well. I think I just may be overloading it by having 26 player build on a server, although this problem didn’t seem to start occuring until just 2 weeks ago.

were do we put the code to register somone onto the forums?

Into your gamemode or addon.

but wait like can you create an addon of this for me.

And make it redirect to my website.


Oh dear…