SMF ranks connecting to assmod.

So I got this SMF site with ranks of: Silver, Gold, Manger, Vice President, President, and Officer. And my assmod works with a online php file like ranks.php and how it goes is, STEAMIDTABRank# (In the file). I’m trying to make my SMF accounts link too there In-game accounts for a PERP3 server. So the SMF rank list will connect players In-game rank by managing there ranks on forum. I do have this SMF registration that Aide made.

Here are Assmod ranks.
[lua]userGroupToAccess[6] = ASS_LVL_SERVER_OWNER --President
userGroupToAccess[13] = ASS_LVL_DVL --Officer
userGroupToAccess[14] = ASS_LVL_ADMIN --Manger
userGroupToAccess[15] = ASS_LVL_SUPER_ADMIN --Vice President
userGroupToAccess[16] = ASS_LVL_RESPECTED --Silver Member (Its a post to be VIP)
userGroupToAccess[17] = ASS_LVL_GOLD --Gold Member[/lua]

My SMF group numbers:
President: 1
Gold Member: 11
Manager: 6
Officer: 8
Vice President: 5
Silver: 10