SMG ammo bug..

Hello my good fellows,

I have a weird problem here, that I hope you can help me with…

In the file “ammotypes.lua”, there is 3 ammos types… Pistol, Shotgun and SMG ammo.

Shotgun and pistol ammo is working great.
But SMG is not working… When I buy smg ammo, i pay for the ammo, but I dont got my ammo…

The code for my smg ammo is:

– Rifle ammo, usually used by assault rifles
GM:AddAmmoType(“smg1”, “Rifle ammo”, “models/Items/BoxMRounds.mdl”, 80, 30)

How can I fix this problem ?

When I add “ent_mad_ammo_357” in a try to fix this problem, I got this fail in console…

ConCommand blocked! (darkrp /buyammo ent_mad_ammo_357)


IIRC Console commands run via lua are blocked if they contain ‘ent’

Still dosen’t work…
I can now spawn the ammo, but I dont got my ammo.

Check the gun file and see what ammo type it uses. You might have to change the ammo type so that it registers with the gun.

you should post this in the DarkRP help thread though. I got banned for 3 days for asking DarkRP related questions in my own thread in Dev Discussion.