SMG Killicon not working

My smg Killicon seems to be not working each time I kill a NPC with the smg i get a whole shit load of crap saying killicon something something …
Can some one please help me

Thank you for moving your thread (Unless an admin beamed it here. Either way, I’m satisfied)

I need more information:

  • Do you own HL2? (If so, does this happen IN HL2?)

  • When was the last time you defragmented your game cache?

  • Did you uninstall your addons?

  • Did you reinstall garrysmod?

I do not own hl2 i got gmod from css and lost coast I tried drefragmentating the damn game and it still wont work I looked at all my addons nothing i did not reinstall gmod as i have no idea on how to

thisis happening ot me yo dude who is trying ot help not poster other canu ik attach the killicons u have or the smg one mines broken too

Make a new thread.


8th December 2008