SMG1 Kill Icon Missing?

I’ve got a crapload of custom stuff for Gmod, as do most of us. Unfortunately at some point one of my downloads fucked up the kill icon for my SMG1, so I get a crapload of errors everytime a kill icon for it is supposed to show up. Does anyone know what to look for so I can fix this? I know it’s in materials, I just don’t know where or what.

let me guess did you get a battlefield 2142 skin for your smg?

Uh, no. Only just got an SMG skin, the one from FPSbanana that’s supposed to be a throwback to the HL1 weapons, but the kill icon’s been gone for alot longer than that.

are any of the truetype font files in your garrysmod\hl2\resource area missing? check to see if they are and if you want them fixed I could send you the original so it is fixed again. :smiley:

Try verifying files?

This is my problem; I don’t know WHAT the original files were, so I don’t know what font file may be broken or missing. I’d appreciate your help in replacing it if it was broken, though. The SMG1 is probably more often used than the custom content that broke it.

Er, say what? If you mean for me to look at the original Half Life 2 or HL2DM files for the SMG kill icon and compare to what possibly replaced (and broke it) in Garry’s Mod, I don’t know how to - or more specifically, where to properly search.

To be honest, it seems more like a lua problem - it’s not a replaced kill icon it seems, it’s a missing or bugged one. If it was replaced, I think it’d still show an icon when something died via SMG. Instead, I get an assload of lua errors. It’s too late to check exactly what the errors say today, but i’ll try to post that tomorrow.

Steam can verify the game files, right click on garry’s mod in the steam games list and go on properties and it’s somewhere in there

The files are: hl2crosshairs, halflife2, and hl2ep2. all are in truetype font format.
If you have anything other than that added or even missing, I’d recommend deleting or asking me to give you any missing ones. :smiley:

Alright, I managed to get the error - there’s no changes in the error swarm, they’re all this bit of code;

ERROR: GAMEMODE:‘HUDPaint’ Failed: includes/modules/killicon.lua:70: bad argument #1 to ‘GetTextSize’ (string expected, got nil)

Did that, it did the verifying but didn’t notify me of anything or such really.

I have the HL2MP one in here but not hl2ep2 - then again, I don’t have Half-Life 2: Episode 2 at all. I have the others in there, though.

EDIT: I went out from the main Gmod folder and looked in the HL2 folder in there - found the EP2 font. Now what?

Um, bump? >.>

I have the same problem. It says ‘ERROR: HUDpaint: Warning! lua/includes/modules/killicon70: not found!’

I have the same problem too. I’m certain that it must be something with the addons. I’ve recently re-installed my computer and found that after installing some of my addons this problem came back. I also have another problem in which certain ragdolls become frozen, anyone else have this problem as well?