Smidge and Luke's RP server...

Me and Luke-NAESA co-own a serious RP server.
It is 20 slots which I think it just the right amount to not cause too much lag.

server addons:
Wiremod - SVN
Phx - SVN

We have zero tolerance for minge bags in the server which makes it a nice environment to play in.

server ips:

They’re both UK servers so try to get on the server in the evening to have the most fun :slight_smile:

0 tolerance for minges…and yet you run darkrp…what are you thinking? Sure, it can be good. But running it it just calling out to all minges!

What should I be running then?

Ignore elitists like that, they still don’t get that players defines roleplaying, I’d suggest getting a password, though.

CakeScript. Get it.

Cakescript is broken but you can use cityscript its kinda like darkrp, but slightly less mingy and better.

Like rofl said, cakescript.