ugh broken caps

He’s going to die.

No he won’t

Hes covered wars, y’know?

No, when he flashes the camera we they ar- OMG HAND CLIPPING WITH CAMERA- e all going to drop dead.

Ive covered wars ya know!

Is now really the greatest time to be taking pictures?!

sweet pic none the less.

You never heard of Dead Rising, haven’t you.

'cause the whole world’s gonna know it in three days when I get the scoop

I have…and I’ve played it

can someone link the zombies? please :slight_smile:

They’re the l4d1 zombies.

are those face poseable?


“Make love to the camera! Yeah, like that baby!”

“What a Scoop!”

In his funeral!

“He was a ambitious photographer, but also a bloody stupid one”.

his face…

hey guys, smile! :q:


also smexy rim lighting but your aa seems to be not working again :confused:

looks like it’s working just fine on everything except his face for some reason