!(SMO) Clan US EAST COAST PvP/Sleepers - Join in the bloodshed!

Console (F1) connect:

Hey everyone! Our server just launched not even a week ago and we have gotten so many new people frequenting the server since then. At our peak we hit 28 players and luckily a lot of them stayed.

If you’re looking for a server with plenty of PvP but not so much that you can’t steer clear of it long enough to build up your base/arsenal then this server is for you. (Currently there are 3-4 clans on the server and raiding between them is constant)

-NO ADMIN ABUSE (The Admin uses no commands to benefit himself at all and he is very helpful.)
-No racism.
-No cheating/ using hacks.

-100 slot server
-Sleepers is ON
-Players for Airdrop: 10

I hope to see you guys on there!

(User was banned for this post ("Make one thread not three, also one crap thread" - postal))