S'Mo Suite

Stop Motion Suite
Creating machinima has just gotten easier!

Worked on this on and off while working on Super Wiremod and GroupBase.

I’ll be working on a new menu since right now it is uber small.

Also, I tried to do the onion skin effect from Adobe Flash and I failed horrible (you’d be able to drag the onion.)

You use the anim tool on any entity you like and it registers it as part of the animation. This tool will work on almost any entity, including camera (yay moving cameras) Each frame lasts 0.25 seconds and the objects will automatically tween (which I obviously will put in the ability to turn off). The GUI is simple: first frame, last frame, previous frame, next frame, record, play, and stop. When playing each frame it will move the physical body and freeze it, which is easily unfreezable through the physgun.

Edit: tool is in the superwiremod section because I got lazy and just copypasta’d my superwire tool.

Just imagine your friend saying, “brb imma go make sum porn.”
Well, he probably already says it… But… MACHINIMA PORN.

that looks pretty cool.

This could definitely be used to create some badass parkour machinima in gmod. Or any kind of machinima. This is awesome, good luck.

This looks way awesome. Take your time because this looks really cool!

I like how you can add key frames between ones you’ve already made, and edit frames. This will be useful for machinima.

yaay, I’m late.

The whole thing is pretty much done. All I could add next is faceposer and finger poser support. And maybe timed explosives/effects :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow this is cool. :o

If you added finger and faceposer support that would make this tool even more useful. No more fooling around in 3Ds max to get the animations you want.

I’d love to see a beta release.

This is very interesting, and looks very useful. Will it be possible to edit the time between frames?

Do want.

Have my babies…

Finally! If you add faceposer and finger support, plus explosives etc, (too much to ask for emitters?) and editing of the time between frames, then this will be THE mechinima tool for GMod. You could make whole scenes on your own, no actors or retard npc’s needed.

As of now it’s an impossibility and would kind of be impractical.

As of the future, I could add the ability to change the time it takes to go from one frame to the next, insert a frame inbetween two, and adding/removal of tweens.

Of course, I could have misunderstood your question and it is possible.

Do we have time to get to a motel or do we have to do it right here?

Are you using ComputeShadowControl to tween between the keyframes?

Wow, this looks really useful. Keep up the good work :wink:

Looks incredibly awesome.

You’re doing it wrong, it’s fucking incredible.

So? It still looks incredibly awesome.

This is fucking amazing, congrats, this will really help all machinima developers!

No, I just get the percent of time that has gone by from the start of the frame until the prediction of the end of the frame. I then times it by the distance between the current frame and next frame and then add the original current frame position.

The ComputeShadowControl thing looks awfully hard to use.

Edit: Also, with people posting the links.

Are you talking about this? http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=411435&highlight=animation+suite

My primary inspiration. I loved the features in text, I just never saw it in action.

This suite works in servers, so you can have fun by making animations with your friends… if you have friends. Commands are all server-sided.

Also, too busy working on my fretta entry.

Edit: Did I tell Benji that I hate him? http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=816974

I’d love to use this with my films.