Smod blood for Gmod? It's possible.

I really want all the blood effects from Smod into Gmod. Some people said it was possible with the LUA in Garry’s Mod 10 when gmod 9 was still being played. Well, I still have not seen it. I don’t want the body explosion effects but I want the squirting blood effects because you know that’s cool. Also if you can’t do this is it possible to put the VMT. blood and gore files into gmod? I highly doubt it though. Can someone please do this, killing people will be so much more fun.

I seen a sever on Gmod 10 that had really gory effects
So it might be.

Just take a look around.
It’s in the Deathmatch gamemode made by Garry that actually comes with gmod by default.

Just change the gamemode to it when you create your server.

NO! I mean the smod gore effects! not shooters gore sandbox :P. Have you guys even played smod! I don’t even play multiplayer. I know a lot of people have been wanting the squirting blood effects from smod in gmod. Beause basically most of the fun in smod is killing things with awesome blood effects.

Now do you get me?

By the way, shooter’s gore sandbox is really unrealistic and unappealing, huge chunks of meat fly every where as big as a car.

Never heard of Smod

There you go. Smod. Also try searching for smod on youtube they can probably show you some examples of the gore effects I am talking about. Also smod tactical is the same thing only more hard and based to real life.

It would be nice with it in gmod(and possible) but I doubt anyone will put their time on making it.

Well I heard rumors were you can copy vmt. files from smod to gmod but only some, but i highly doubt the gore effects. Well gmod would be 100 times better with it. If only I could do a montage in real life and learn lua.

vmt(and vtf) files are just textures, would not give you the effects.

That sucks, well I have always wanted it. I really want further discussion to this, other threads just end because of some discouraging ass and ends the post.

Search Around

seriosly stop being stupid

Granted the people in this post seem a little… Slow, at the moment; You really should just ignore them or reply politely.

I’m sure there are a lot of people who understand exactly what you want, like me. Just don’t be too hopeful that any of those who know how to script will directly reply your request. The request section is basically a pot of ideas for coders. Maybe you’ve already inspired someone’s next project. :slight_smile:

Yeah, well I think I should start getting some of the attention of lua coders to think about it. For the movement! :smiley:

Yeah sounds cool.



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Yeah, Will any lua god or lua coder please reply on your thoughts? Or say that you will be createing it later or now? Please, this would be so awesome!

YEAH! Somebody please do this I’ve been searching and making threads about this forever! This as an addition to Gmod would truly make it superior.

Yeah! Someone really should make a new blood, gore mod, whatever,…ones with bigger blood bursts, like ten time the size! all these bigger blood splats on the walls! oh yeah! this is a good idea!


Dude, that Deathmatch Gamemod thing isn’t there anymore! Dang! I should’ve know…

I think the update made the effects much better.