SMOD Blood Squirting for Garry's Mod

Hey, can someone please make an Smod Blood Mod/Texture/whatever
When i say blood i mean the actual blood squirting not the blood splatters just the blood squirting that works with the blood mod you’ve already got.

For all you who have played SMOD Redux/Outbreak, wouldve seen the blood from Smod is great eg. you shoot someone and blood starts pouring out of where ever youve shot them from.

id like to send you an image of the blood squirting but i cant find any since the recent update for half life 2, so I couldn’t take any myself.

so if anyone knows how, can they please extract the blood squirting from SMOD, and make it work in Garry’s Mod.

oh and if you can, add the smod HUD, yah know, the blue one with the emblem next to each display.

Thanks :smiley:

This isn’t related to the blood squirting thing, but if you have the latest Redux you can get an update for it from the official site that’ll let it work. Hold on a sec, I’ll get a pic.

sweet can you give me a link for the redux patch?

As for the picture, I can’t get it because for some reason my game won’t run.

I once tried this in Dismemberment Mod (noteably 1.6) however it resulted in a glitchy, stretchy mess.

Thanks, but just one problem, with the patch my game runs but doesn’t have any of the weapons eg. AK47, and the HUD is stuffed, it says: HE7 behind the health part same thing happens on SMOD Outbreak.

any help?

thanks for the that Though :smiley:

Stop fucking whining over something so bloody small.

hey, im not whining mate, im asking a question and asking for help OK?, get that through your thick head.

im asking if someone can make it/extract it OK?
or do I have to please the queen of England to gain approval so I can ask questions?

jeez man dont even comment in this forum, if your gonna be a fag.

You don’t need blood squirting. Does everything have to be that realistic? If so, Crysis is crap to you, in terms of blood.


Oh and do you even know the amount of coding required for just that emblem? Hours most likely. And the blood requires a more dynamic HDR physics engine, something like Crysis but with more rendering.

Not okay, I don’t take orders or advice from mentally retarded dumbasses.

Sorry man, I don’t have Crysis so I don’t know what the blood effects are like, also I don’t think Crysis is crap whatsoever.
I’m just asking a question :confused:
I don’t mean for anyone to get pissed off in this forum.
As I said, I’m just asking.

i need help, i need a couple of ragdolls made from art work done by my sister. i’ll make sure that the art work will be as clear as posible. if any one is intrested please e-mail at

Stop being an idiot. If you dont have anything helpful to say, then dont say it. Fags like you should be banned.


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You can shoot a body in CSS and blood squirts dude :stuck_out_tongue:

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Wow… first:

The thread is unresolved.


It’s ONE MONTH. Holy shit.