SMOD Leg Kick

Yup, I saw MANY people wanted this weapon from SMOD, so I decided I’d make it with Kogitsune’s help.
Delete the older version, Install to Steam/steamapps/<Steamname>/garrysmod/garrysmod/addons.


  • Breaking doors (!), that means that if you hit a door it will break and fall down instead of opening. A broken door will restore after 140 seconds, if people want doors not to restore, I can do that ;).
  • Quick-Kicking system! Press and hold your USE key then press your SECONDARY ATTACK key to Quick-Kick!


  • Added a Quick-Hitting function! You can also turn it on/off by typing quickkick into console (you have to be an admin)
    /\ Fixed a bug which gave you 24 pistol ammo on spawn
    /\ Fixed a bug which showed some weird ammo indicator

Left Click - Swing your leg!
Hold your USE key and press your SECONDARY ATTACK key to Quick-Kick!

Known Bugs:

Download Link (Version 1.3 Newest):

YouTube Video (1.3):


Damn, it is finally out for gmod!!!

Lua king mate, good work!

What does it look like in multiplayer? Can other people see you kick?

Sorry, no, other people can’t see you hit someone.

It’s a shame there’s no kick animation on the world models of players, or this would be even better.

Nice job :4chan:.

Thanks :).

In SMOD, the damage effect of the kick takes place right as the foot hits the target. This kills or damages a target before the foot reaches it. Better than nothing, though.

I know, but the P.S. Says:

I think i will lower the damage down so it has the same damage as the fist weapon. A little unrealistic to kill with one hit.

And another one bites the dust…

He just changed the model and nothing more! haha

Actually, he was working on getting the timing to work when he asked me for help. He didn’t copy from that as far as I believe.

Well, to fix the timing issue, you need to know how long the animation is.

Open the model in HLMV ( part of the SDK ), and then go to the sequences, get the framerate it runs at if you drag the slider to the far left ( n at 30x or something like that ). It should be fairly obvious on the form if you look for it, near the slider.

After you have that number, slide that bar to the right to stop the animation entirely, and the drag the long bar at the bottom to the far right to get the number of frames the animation takes.

timer.Simple( frames / framerate, SWEP.DamageFunctionHere, SWEP )

That’s all it will take to get the animation to be in-sync with the damage. However, I think you already did that when you were asking me for help, so it might just be a logic error somewhere. Will look at when I get home this evening.

I was really expecting a kick weapon that was not a SWEP, but this is good, too. Good work.

You should fix the credits…
Add the Smod team for making the model and animations.

Otherwise, good job

Make it able to kick open doors! :smiley:

I thought you said Lui Kang at first :stuck_out_tongue: WHICH somebody should also make as a SMOD weapon, would be awesome, ya know, his move where he does a flying kick across the screen. Maybe just edit this one so you can charge it up, or as an alternate fire or something :stuck_out_tongue:

Is it binded to a key (can use it anytime like Smod), or is it a SWEP?


Well… I have a suggestion. If you want to do it bound to a key you could make it a swep. but you can make it so that when you press a certain key then it will switch to the swep and attack once and switch back to the weapon you had before.

Shit, forget it…