SMOD: Outbreak Zombie SNPCs Release 1.0

Note: may put you in a sex induced coma…

I’ve never seen someone upload any new zombie NPCs (or SNPCs) so I thought it would be great to make some, got the models from SMOD: Outbreak

Attacks all non-zombielike enemies
No Headcrabs
12 New Zombies at your disposal

Minor B.E.S. (Blue Error Shit)
No Sound (yet)
Can get stuck in firefights

Get it here

Vid Here

So, bunch of slow gues with different skins?

But I was looking for something like this, have lua king and download, sir.

Shamblery times!

Really awesome, mind if you can add sounds? ^^

You need sounds man, tell me how and I’ll add it myself.

They fight with the original zombies.

love them CMasta I also have sounds for them

These are great, keep up the good work.

If you put in sounds, please be sure that they’re just random zombie grunting and not speech like some of those other zombie sounds out there.

You could at least have added some credits for the models we spent hours on rigging. -.-

It says “Got the models from SMOD: Outbreak” :stuck_out_tongue:

I hate it when people do things like this. It should be named a remodel because it doesn’t really introduce any new AI behavior.

The zombies hardly ever attack anything. I disabled the ai and spawned 16 of them and a couple of Kliemers and I turned the ai back on and the just bunched up around Kliemer. I tried spawning only one or two but they still don’t do anything.

Can you make the snork and bloodsucker despite the fact Xystus made them, because his don’t seem to to work to well.

I had the Snork and Bloodsucker made… but Xystus released them before i could D:


Can anyone find some fast zombie models that I can use (hexed) only
I’m already using the Banshee from ZM…

Why don’t you make the fast zombies from redead?

CrazyChicken already made them

So any news on version 2 or did you just drop the project?

Sorry I don’t mean to be annoying by posting and over again, but since you were asking for any fast zombie skins try this one out(it has animations).

I can’t hex… (It’s CMasta B.T.W.)