Smoke grenade models.

So, Since I got addicted to smoke grenades, I decided to make models for them.
They are not rigged, but if you want, then please do that, I will be glad if you do, since I tried myself and I totally FAILED doing that. This has 8 skins of smoke grenade. - Grey, Blue, Red, Yellow, Black, White, Green, and lol - Pink!
They are in size as normal grenades in game as well. I also included .smd file for someone who will want to change it or rig it.

Don’t want to click thumbails?
Go here: -Photobucket Album-



now we need sweps

Cool I didn’t know there were different colored smoke grenades. Have an optimistic for their multitude of colors.

In the meantime, how about a smoke replacement for CSS?

I remember having a set of Sweps in Gmod 9 like these, didn’t have skins, though.

Well there is quite a few colors of smokes.
Here are some: