Smoke Grenade Troll or Legit?

Dear Survivors,

in one of the many Update Thread’s someone said there will be something like Smoke Grenades, and you can spawn Air Supplys to this Position.

Was this a Troll or is it Actually True?

And Sidequestion any ETA on the new Patch?




It is real, there is a “Supply (forgot what goes here)” Grenade, you throw it like a grenade and crazy green smoke comes from it, Looks cool, and then an airdrop comes and it drops right next to the green smoke, I had 2 after killing some guy that was looting a airdrop, I think he got it from one.

-_-… yea

I was with him when he threw 2 of them on the ground, plane flew over us almost instantly dropping supply crates

Don’t believe me I don’t care, You’re just going to look like an idiot when you finally get one.

Any chance you got pics? would make things a lot more believable. This seems like a really bad joke, though I haven’t played the dev version so I actually don’t know.

No, Because I don’t even know how to get them, I tried researching them and it doesn’t work, I think you get them from an airdrop and you can then call in another one for yourself.

There we go, theres a pic.

I was actually on the server when you took that screenshot, guys in the chat were like “This is not a sleepers!” Blah blah, New Dev version is bugged atm btw, Sleepers does not work.

Probably made it just for testing, I assume. I don’t see why they would have this in the final build, since you could theoretically spawn them infinitely by throwing, getting the drop, getting more from the drop, and so on, it would get majorly abused.

It’s pretty rare, and if it was abused like that we’d change the drop rate

I love the idea, I was surprised to have gotten one from a crate, but technically now, you could collect a bunch and build a drop zone that’s walled off and have them drop inside your base, which is even better. Loving it.

Doubt this would happen because the simple reason EVERYONE runs for airdrops.

I realize this, but if I build a large metal structure with an open roof and drop a smoke grenade inside, then the drop will go inside my structure, meaning only I can access it. I can just see too many problems with it already, but knowing the devs, they will eventually get a workaround where it cannot be abused, just hope people don’t get super upset about it before that point.

Keep in mind the all the supplies don’t drop exactly where the smoke grenade goes, I just put a fix up to randomize the first drop, but even with the version that is currently up there, the other ones drop within 100m

That makes a little more sense, thanks for clearing things up!

What if you go to a dead area of the island, that way you and your groupe will be able to get to the drops first every single time, then you will have the drop for yourself.

This smokegranade just begging to be abused.

If you go to all the trouble to run all the way to a deserted area, why shouldn’t you get the best chance of getting the airdrop YOU called with the nade YOU got? How is this abuse?

If there is a chance you get another one in that drop, and maybe one in the next, see where I’m going?

If this has to work in a fair way, it has to be made, so drops called by grenades can’t contain new grenades, the grenades should only be in the normal airdrops.