Smoke grenade

Hey every one ! I know why my deathrun server secrets arent working , because i dont have smoke grenade’s !

I have added the content with hldsupdatetool but still,well nothing :frowning:

So a big Request for the smokegrenade

i dont know but well, the ent_smokegrenade is working fine :D! But the smoke grenade it self is not working.

Can some 1 please help me ? Thank you :slight_smile:

-Bump please some one help me

-Sorry for bump


40 Reads 2 rated dumb no post :frowning: ?

-Srry dubble post by accident

You are making no sense what so ever, if you want help atleast take the time to properly explain the problem.


The problem is that my deathrun server dont have Css weapons , materials , models And since Deathrun orginal came from CSS the secrets wont work

The ‘‘secrets’’ need smokegrenades to work, But since i dont have the weapons ( what includes smokegrenade awp ak47 m4 etc… )
It wont work, So im requisting a smokegrenade

-Add it with hldsupdatetool-

I did this before but didn’t worked ! :frowning:

So im requisting :

A smokegrenade

And where to put it,

hope you get it now

-Sorry for my other posts