Smoke like ribbons

I think rossmum made the original pose I don’t know

it is beautiful and the cloth shading owns

have an art. have every art

shadows on their faces seems a bit weird with that light rim on it D:

nice pic

Very nice.

Yeah, the light edge around the hat is a bit distracting. Looks a little like the shading might be a little too much on the Tommy gun guy and too cartoony on the raincoat guy. I like the sharpness of it and the small details you added in, but that filter and over brightening on that light was a little too much.

reminds me of mafia II…great game


this thread deserves more attention, it’s much better than my edit

the light under the hats could come from the sharpness I am pretty sure I did shade it right

I think so

Just further pointing out some very small nitpicks if you don’t mind.

nitpicks as I said. I really love it otherwise

the collar issue is real, the “filter” however is just the dodgy ingame SDOF sorry