smoke signal locations


I did a search for ‘smoke signal’. Did not see the answer - can someone please confirm where smoke signals can be found. the various community pages say conflicting things. One says in airdrops only, another says very rare but can be found in silver/grey coloured crates in the world? As a solo player (generally) it is almost impossible to get your hands on an air drop when the come regularly through the population count. A smoke signal is one way that solo players have a chance at getting to an airdrop (and explosives goo which can so unbalance the game depending on the server )

It would seem crazy to me if the smoke signal calls in an airdrop at a location but the smoke signal is only available from an airdrop!

Airdrops can be called in by an admin, or set to automatically drop in time intervals with a certain server population. EX: Triggered every hour if 20+ people are logged in. Signals are supposed to be extremely rare, but I agree that getting one in an airdrop can be too much of a benefit, considering you just got the other airdrop as well.

only in the AD and not from anything else and they call in an AD

I disagree. I’ve been able to solo loot dozens of airdrops. My airdrop advice is to go naked if it’s dropping in a high populated area or if there are a lot of people moving on the airdrop. If you go equipped it puts a giant target on your head for anyone else who’s moving on the airdrop who’s also equiped. Everyone will be shooting at you because you’re a moving airdrop.

I’m the only one moving on the airdrop:
If it’s just me then it’s super easy grab it and run like hell.

Me and one other person moving on the airdrop
If it’s me and one other guy I can rock/hatchet/pickaxe him when he tries to loot it and the airdrop is all mine. Or I can super fast grab one or two airdrop items and run.

A bunch of people moving on the airdrop:
Don’t be greedy. usually one or two well equiped and several nakeds. If you can open the airdrop, which is your number one priority, you can grab one item or even two, take a couple rock hits, and run off there’s a good chance that you will get lost in a sea of nakeds and escape with your life.

Even if you can’t get the airdrop you can usually grab some good stuff out of a backpack or two and run off.

I think only from airdrops. Ive gotten 3 and they were all in the last week. If you get one go way out and call it in at night so no one bothers you