Smoke Signals...

Navigating via landmark is tricky in this map, and I see a lot of chat discussions where people become friends and want to pool their fortunes. Seems like it would be a relatively simple addition to implement - maybe a very tall column of smoke that appeared for a few minutes, or until the fire was extinguished? It could be activated by placing harvested leaves or grass into the firepit. Would make finding friends a little easier, alternatively could be used to lure for an ambush, and seems to me it would fit with the canon of the game without tipping any balances. Just my humble suggestion. :slight_smile:

so with 30 players doing this at once to find their friends how the hell are you supposed to know wich one belongs to your friend?
would also cause allot of lag for some people.

roygbiv and beyond, as well as the ability to use morse code loops would be best

“Jim’s house” in blue, a light making the code

Not a bad point, but how are you supposed to change the color of the smoke? I know certain compounds do that, but you would need to do your research on that.

either dyes or change on spawning it

morse code light can be solar powered and last the night, therefore it’s only a matter of putting the whole build on your tower and all that.

Hm. Interesting. I can see it, might be kinda nice. It would make it possible to find friends, but also could draw your enemies to you as well.

It’s a survival game, most of the time, you’re going to die anyways if you have to use a signal.

No no, I was talking as it would be a benefit and a risk, that’s a good thing, and I support it.

People will try to raid you, if they see it.

It can also bring help to your location, if you use it correctly, it could be game changing. You could light one, hide to the side, and when someone comes, you get the drop on them, for example. It would be a really cool use of strategy!

suddenly the children of rust spam the forums bitching about smoke signal trappers

Why not just create a party system? You would add the person’s name and it would send them a message if they want to accept the invite. Then they could make it were it shows how many meters you are from each other.

People on the forum cry about everything, you know this you’ve been here for seven years. Personally I think it would be a REALLY cool addition to the game, you could send multiple colors in succession as a sort of “password” so that they know it isn’t a trap (or they have been severely compromised.)

I like this idea.

But, if you’re going to use Morse, you will actually need to be able to read Morse Code in the sky, no “helpful” UIs going “I see you’re looking at a smoke signal in Morse but completely ignorant of Morse, would you like me to translate it? Always do this in the future. [---- YES ----] [---- Yes ----] … [no]”.

Morse can’t that hard to learn, there’s 26 letters, 10 numbers, space, period, and comma right? Not much more you would need. that’s less than 40.

My point is, you and your buddies will need to work out a convenient and understandable system for communicating with each other, and not a visual way of broadcasting secure party chat, where you look at it and it translates correctly with a tooltip on screen to “lol halp 4 guys raiding base” if and only if you’re in the same friends list/group.

Maybe it’s as simple as, the game allows you to switch the smoke to different colours on the fly by using different dyes out of your item bar, so the “raid emergency, come back to base” signal is 2 puffs normal smoke, 1 puff green, 1 puff blue, and then left to burn red, and if it isn’t that secret combo, it’s some assclown at the base’s signal fire screwing around.

But that would make it exciting, but for the lag, abit of smoke shouldn’t make it lag and they should add a option to disable smoke then

I agree with the lag issue - I would suggest limiting the smoke signal to one per player - meaning that if he started a second one in a diff campfire, it would turn off the first one. Also would need to be time limited, like 10-20 seconds? With the time limitation, it would increase the danger - if you wanted to signal somebody, you’d have to keep running over to feed the fire. Couldn’t just turn it on and go hide a hundred yards away. I don’t know much about optimization, but if they just made the smoke sprite based, put a limited view distance on it, etc - I doubt it would be too much overload. It wouldn’t need to be visible from all parts of the map - that’s not even all that realistic.

As for colors - I thought about that, but I think it increases the danger if somebody else could possibly be trying to lure you over. I would have all the smoke be the same color. I think the concept balances itself with a short duration of burn. The guy feeding the fire has to worry about being exposed and targeted, and the approacher has to worry about the identity of the campfire he’s nearing.

A smoke signal is already used to call in an airdrop, very rare to find.

Are we really having a discussion about MORSE CODE in a game that is in Alpha right now? How many games do you know that give you the ability to use a smoke signal and then somehow allow you to use said smoke signal to communicate in fucking Morse code?

I think the smoke signals are an interesting idea. The lag issue is certainly a large issue with that, creating something that large and forcing it to render at much longer distances than player items already spawn in at, and then adding color/variables for something other than just a simple smoke stack would be way too intensive for many players.

But yeah smoke signals are cool thought. Everything else, Morse code included, is completely ridiculous.