Smoker Blackroom Posing(Light + Texturing Test)

I dont want to make any more test poses. If you got any ideas you could never complete or if you just have good ideas post them here.
Aah yeah and C&C on the smoker picture please.

Looks good. After looking at the original previously, this certainly is an improvement.
I like his eye.

Very high quality.

Thanks :buddy:

Very nice lighting.

Next time add some objects in the background just to test how that’d work :smiley:

A pack of hunters jumping around some buildings at midnight, with some lamp pole flashing them as they pass by!

Also, nice texturing work.

This is desktop skin stuff.
Looks pretty creepy :smiley:

Yeah nice texturing. Shading is okay too.

But god-damn how many more “zombie stood in front of a camera” poses are you gonna do?

Is it bad that I have a shirt just like that.

Hopefully none.
Thanks for all your comments.

Not being an ass or anything but I worked too hard on this just to get a few comments.:frown:
Therefore bump.

Maybe because it’s way too simple, oh and his eye looks great and the shading is cool. Also i am working on a l4d screenshot for ya’

Pretty sweet work. Love the shading and the texture. Quality is nice. The eye is an added bonus.
Have art.

Can’t see any image.