Smoker constricting Zoey with his tongue

Not as good as my last one but still postworthy IMO
Rate/Hate/Comment and if you rate dumb, be man enough to make a comment about it.

I like the lighting.

The blur comes in a little too strongly, too quickly.

Too much area in the middle of the picture without focus - more of the picture should be filled with the two main characters, with Zoey taking the majority of the space.

I know what you mean Chesty. I posed the Smoker first, added the tongue and after that it was too late. So much wasted space :frown: I should have reposed the whole thing.
Oh well, gonna try harder next time.
Thanks for the input!

dude you blur EVERYTHING TOO MUCH. but its nice.

Walk it off, Zoey.

Noted. Gonna use less Super DoF next time.

dont get us wrong it looks alright how it is. just a bit too blurry if you get me.

Yeah that + the wasted space are kinda a turn off.

You know, I like you Combine. I honestly don’t understand why there are always dumbs in your threads. Rated art, I have nothing to say that hasn’t already been said.

Well thanks Hunter.
I wouldnt mind if those retards would actually post and flame me instead of hiding behind their boxes. What a pussy way to state ones opinion.

This. I like your poses.

You can see the tongue model ending underneath her left armpit.

Lemme fix that.

I expected smoker/zoey porn when i came in here.

I was proven rong, thank god.

Check the S-Pose Megathread in 3-4 days.



oh, and you missed a pun.

My english sucks so thats not a surprise to me. :smile:

I don’t see how a guy in the TF2 comics thread obsessed with Scout is even remotely relevant to this picture.