Smoker Rape - A Survivors Sorrow

C&C is appreciated so comment comment comment

It has pretty lighting, but lacks in the emotion and motion departments.

Well yeah maybe I should have posed the Smoker differently. Thanks for the feedback!

i like where the tongue is…

keep going

Lighting and colours look great. The pose itself could use some slight improvements, probably with zoey’s legs imo. And some more motionblur. But it generally looks very nice.

God damnit, as the picture loaded slowly, I got more and more scared.
Then the pants appeared and I was like “phew… cool pic”.

Another "females always get owned’ picture, but the lighting is nice as always.

You’re lucky, Rastifan could’ve made it. This is nothing.

Whats so bad about Rasti?

Bleh… women are really not that harmless in real life.

Nothing, you’re better off not knowing.
But if you insist :

His pics are usually borderline ENSFWOAIG (Extremely Not Safe For Work Or Anything In General)

Zoey’s facial expression is off. She looks more worried than scared. Everything else is right on:smile:
Nice job.

It’s pretty soft compared to demoniclemon and kalixx tho.

This is pretty good after all posing i have seen. You should make a version with a nude zoey. :v:

I love lighting and Zoey face expression, only one thing to imporve is legs position. Should be more wider like she’s under domination and try to escape hardly.

I know that 95% of his shots are nude pictures but theres far worse stuff or not?

Also thanks errybody for commenting :buddy:

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Yeah the posing got some major flaws sadly :frown:

that will have to wait a bit :smug:

Yeah like I said the posing sucks! Thanks for commenting Rasti :buddy:

he’s still a major creep lo

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Butbut… :saddowns:

at least yours has decent posing and composition, broski :h: