Smoker-style SNPC

I was thinking that we need at least one npc that can render a player helpless, until saved by a friend that is. I’ll get to the point, heres my idea :

-Any model, hell Gman would be fine.
-Runs around a map, would seek out high areas if possible, and use a melee animation to attack if caught at close range.
-Upon seeing a player it lets out a gurgle, scream, whatever.
-Attacks with a tounge that would ragdoll a player, making them helpless. The ragdoll itself takes damage from falls etc, but will only take damage from the smoker if he manages to pull them towards him. The pulling would be similar to the winch tool, he could perhaps play a rapidly looping melee animation to simulate pulling.
-Upon dragging a player at his feet, he continues to rapidly melee, each swing doing 5 damage, making the players ragdoll twitch and roll perhaps.
-Has a large amout of health, perhaps similar to the Poison Zombie.
-When grabbed by the smoker there is nothing you can do apart from wait until you get saved, wait until you die or undo the smoker.
-A player would unragdoll if they are laying stationary with no tounge attached after, say, 3 seconds.

I think this would be quite challanging but I dont think theres anybody who wouldn’t want this.

If this is too hard or even impossible, any npc that can render a player helpless until the player’s or the npc’s death would be great.

Can nobody be bothered? If its too hard then just make an npc that can make a player helpless until rescue, like in Left 4 Dead.

That would be cool,and I’m pretty sure it is possible.

Would need some coder that haves some sort of will.

I heard someone was talking about an advanced duplication using wiremod to do this.

I’m not sure if that would work.

I’m not saying that it would work. All I said was I heard that somebody was talking about it. It COULD be possible. I thought there was a wire expression that ragdolls somebody. Then you could make it so that the adv.dup has a grabber on it and then it grabs your ragdoll? But that wouldn’t kill you.

While that sounds interesting, it doesn’t really fit with my request.

I know. You want an SNPC.

I’m really losing hope here, if my idea is too hard then just make the npc render you helpless until saved/death. It would mean alot to me.

Learn lua?

If it where that simple I would not have posted this thread, also that would take a very, very long time, no?

No, I learned it in about a week.

Why do these people spend all their time learning wiremod? Nobody I know likes wire, it takes up so much memory and nobody likes people who use other people’s dupes…LUA could make it downloadable, and no giant requirements Wire or PHX! LUA is superior, and is so much more freeing than wire.

People build when wire is too intimidating for them to try.

People wire when lua is too intimidating for them to try.

People lua when modules are too intimidating for them to try.

Then they make modules.

Then they become foszor and jinto, and make coding a job. :v: .