It’s very generic, but I haven’t made a decent Left 4 Dead pic, ever. So hoping this is one of them. Probably went crazy with the motion blur.

Its might be generic but it’s great, Good posing.

Oh Louis, even in times of trouble does he turn to his pills. Great posing though

The posing is excellent. Especially everything in the background. Really nice job.

Nice detail. It’s quite nice how perfectly spaced everything is, like boxart or something. Randomly motion-blurred background is a little random though.

She gon’ git raeeeep’d

Sweet posing :3:

hahah i laughed when i saw louis. great pic.

Ha! I thought the same, tentacle rape :v:

Really nice posing, your good at the details too! :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the great comments guys! This pic did seem to take a long time to do. The Infected really slowed the game down when posing (but not the ladies).

Kinda expected people to think that! :smiley:

That tongue is penetrating her alright…really i mean its kinda clipping look to the bottom right…

good work man, i love everything about it.

I’d be concerned, but it was such a bitch to pose that I’m not really fussed!

I find the lack of bill disturbing.

Heheh, I have nothing against Bill, but that ol timer just couldn’t fit in the pic. No room for billy

I bet she doesn’t have any pants on.