"Smoking after a job"

Well, Its a simple pose.
An assassin lighting a cigar after killing some targets.

There is no editing at all (I’m starting to learn on GIMP, so my editing sucks and it actually makes pics worst).

Constructive criticism is accepted. (If you gonna flame me, please explain why!)
Also if you can link me to some nice GIMP tutorials (For blood, and explosions I would love you)


Ahh by the way, sorry if I made any spelling mistakes.

Smoking is cool.

Sword looks a little odd, looks like it’s going to cut into his rump.

Otherwise it’s good.

Smoking is good for an assassins health.

Your right, I missed that :X Thanks!

Of course, Running or escaping with healthy lungs aint a challenge at all.

OF COURSE! He ends up getting a long tongue to help him carry 3 SWORDS!

Enjoy having your lungs stained pitch black.

I would trust that guy as an assassin just like i trusted that fat, loud hitman

Camera angle is pretty dull.

You stole that idea from me :frowning:


But yours is fucking bad-ass!

OP- Camera angles bland and picture is kinda small.

what are great shape!

Actually my pose its kinda old, this one has at least 2 month :stuck_out_tongue: But yours its better so don’t worry ^^.

Ok. I most work on my camera angle, thanks for the info!

I didn’t got that one…

Edit: Hehe 2 dumbs :stuck_out_tongue: People either don’t like my pose or just don’t like smoking :v: