Smoking Hemp In Rust

Since there’s hemp in rust why not light your torch on the hemp and burn it. It would be funny if there were side effects to it and you could even do this with mushrooms


yes, rust needs many more little niceties like hallucinogens and stimulants but first I think the core gameplay issues should be addressed.

you don’t smoke hemp in real life.


you also don’t get better from injury by injecting low grade fuel into your arm, yet we have that in game. so purist realism isn’t really the issue.

more natural stuff like poisons, hallucinogens and even first aid from plant matter/animal byproducts would be cool. but as above, really low on the importance scale.

Well i do?

Isn’t hemp the one with no THC?

I suggest you google “What is Hemp” and you’ll have your answer.

Here’s a hint:


Hemp rolling papers are made from hemp plants that produce a lot of fibre. After undergoing processing, the hemp pulp is able to be used in hemp rolling papers.

So i still smoke hemp xD

You mean Cannabis

I wanna eat some mushrooms and walk around for hours on end while the world melts around me and the trees do their magical dances.

I would like to see some sort of way that mushrooms could look normal (but they are not) but then you could give them to peeps and they freak out and run all over the map like a crazed mutant

Can we introduce crack and meth too? That way my slaves have something to work for?

“I got this wood, man. And some cloth”

more like “i got this human meat that i found, can i get some crack?..”

Agreed. Our Rust toons have far too perfect teeth. Time to change that.

For those who think they know, (and those who don’t), hemp IS cannabis, but cannabis that has been bred for different purposes other than getting stoned, (mainly for it’s oil and fiber). Both HEMP and MARIJUANA are “slang” names for the same CANNABIS plant, but one refers to “low grade” industrial cannabis, and the other refers to “high grade” medicinal cannabis. They both have different properties, but both come from the same species of plant.

Only the females give you buds with THC, hemp has been used for rope on ships for many centuries. you don’t smoke the stems and leaves unless your dealer is an asshole and you are stupid

However, at least in North American conversational English, if you announce you’re smoking hemp, you’re assumed to be basically smoking rope, not happyplant, and you will need to smoke a car trunkful to get enough THC to get high - and you’ll be hospitalized for smoke inhalation first.

Lol yup

Then maybe it would be a good thing that people COULD smoke hemp and get nothing from it other than having to respawn. Rust needs every bit of natural selection it can get, and maybe, just maybe, someone will learn something from a mistake…:smug: