I know Chesty has done a pose off the picture this is based off of, but I wanted to take a stab at it.

It’s freaking boss.

Shoulders look off.

Didn’t know Gabriel had a female sibling :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you talking about from the Deviant art series? That guy has some fuckin’ talent.

Anyways, the lighting on the right guy in the back is intense as hell, her guns need to have smoke as well- really lacking without- fix those shoulders, get some fucking perspective on the lasers (should be thicker towards the edge of the image as they get closer to the camera), sparks are all right but not sure they fit, where are they coming from? Has she been shot yet? Where are the impacts, otherwise why are the guns smoking in the back? Oh, also the smoke is not blurry enough to match the blur of the guys, fix that as well.

Looks pretty nice overall, helmets are so nice, and the fingerposing is also well done.


Oh, the sparks and smoke are from those little orange spots? Tsk tsk, kevlar and fabric doesn’t do that at all, minus two points, try a different effect?

According to this they do. :v:

Okay so it is that Gabriel. Anyways most of those are on the metal except two little ones on his right arm which I presume is also armor. On a side note I think it’s really funny that the magazines are exact copies of airsoft Co2 pistol magazines, you can see he painted the Co2 cartridges hahaha.

Lets call her Gabriela. :v:

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Actually, you know what, maybe I’ll keep doing poses about this “character”. I like that idea.

Totally relevant, my puppy is named Gabby and she’s retarded.

Anyways just make sure she never looks at explosions or anything because she’s too cool, she has to just walk away from them in slow motion.

the posing is way stiff, but the effects work well with the picture.

the hit marks have zero depth and the lasers are too strong but i like the colours, lighting and post processing effects

plus those embers add some nice depth to it

Did you make those embers yourself or do you have a brush or something? Cuz they look cool.

much better than mine

It’s actually a comic book - the stuff on dA are just teasers for it mostly. Pretty decent really. Still waiting for the next one to release.

Oh my God you made my day

No way man.

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It’s from a pack of special effects used for videos, but imported into potatoshop. I don’t have the link anymore. I’ll see if I can find it

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Are those jelly beans that are pouring out of the ammo pouch on the hip?

but chesty didn’t do the pose he edited it yo, I posed dat shit (and never finished my edit)

nice though

Well, still.

0/10 no skittles out of pouch would not fuck