Smooth animation in Gmod

Well uhm, time to uninstall HAT tool and use this.

I might start animating with this.

I’ve never liked the HAT animation tool, just annoying to use and don’t have the most important settings

And now the Engie’s struttin’ like a pro.

How did I not know about this tool, this is perfect for stop motion

Winded’s Video Assistant is far superior for just about everything… except you can’t play the animation as if it were a video, which you virtually have to do to get such effects as seen in “Soldier Ahead.”

You shouldn’t uninstall HAT though, it’s better for short animations involving a single character. Just don’t use both at the same time… doh.


Huh? what do you mean by you cant play the animation as if it were a video?

Is this how that guy did first-person?

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Winded’s video assistant tends to lag quite a bit at times for reasons that aren’t so clear.