Smooth Car tips

I build alot of trucks, and cars etc. But they are always shaky when you drive them, the wheels flip out, they spin out, they sag, and they all can’t drive fast without spinning like crazy.

Any tips from some pro on how to make a car drive smooth would be awesome.

I use ropes, elastics, ball-sockets, wiremod, etc to make them but I put so much time into it and it just sucks, any tips would be great

I’m currently trying to make a fast car with good handling, Normally I focus on 4x4s and 6x6s, most slow vehicles. (because fast ones just spaz on me)

Post here with tips, or add me on steam. (I’ve spent a lot of time making cars, most of them are successful but not good enough, just looking for some ways to improve my cars.)

make them really heavy

I’ve found putting thrusters with downward force somewhere near the wheels (on the axle, if it doesn’t spin, or somewhere else nearby) helps keep things stable and provides better traction.

Any ideas to stop the wheels from spinning out and going in the ground? lol

Don’t use phx wheels. No really, don’t use them. Half-Life 2 wheels don’t sink.

I’ve actually had the opposite. HL2 wheels sink but PHX wheels are fine.
However, PHX wheels bounce a bit. The best way I could solve that was changing their physical property to concrete. It also made for a bit more grip, though that could’ve just been my imagination.

phx racewheels and offroad wheels do not sink. The truck tires and car tires do, however.

It probably gave more grip because they spent less time bouncing up off the ground. They don’t grip very well in the air.

Set there physical properties to jeep wheel via console (I forget how, google it)