Smooth Load - Customisable! - Sleek - Amazing! - Loading Screen!


Very beautiful!
UPD:Better the free would make.

No PHP? HTML5 and/or Java by any change? Anyways, I like it. But I’m also kinda sad that you didn’t went the free and open source way, as this seems an easy to do thing for a web designer.

This should have been free.
It’s literally a font, css spacing, and general html knowledge.

Its HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript. This loading screen is ment to be simple and not cluttered like most loading screens. It is for people who like smooth elegant non-cluttered loading screens. I will be making more complex ones that will come out in a few days. This one is just ment for the smooth design.

Tbh it is better than most loading screens that are being sold. It is nice, clean, and simple while getting its point across. Also it is free shit, don’t complain! The only thing to really worry about is loading time, it may take a while to load those background images unless it loads them from the user’s pc somehow, other than that, really good work!

Just noticed music is a feature, you can include it but please don’t have it enabled by default. I hate that shit :stuck_out_tongue:

Honestly, this loading screen is complete crap. Not even useful for rules or anything

(Since I was being an “Arse”) Here’s a loading screen that is cheaper than this crap.


Heck, if you want free with more features.

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or better, talk to this guy about a copy of his XenLoad. I used the beta(free) version of it for a long time.

This is under “Gamemodes and Addons Releases”, not “Advertising and buy from ScriptFodder”.

Hopefully that guy is still selling XenoLoad. I saw you commented on his profile.

I have multiple loading screens already, I don’t know why I want more, I just do.
If it’s decently priced, and isn’t cheap/fast, I buy it (usually).

They say ‘less is more,’ but you really pulled an Apple by giving only 5 options for colors…

What craphole did you climb out of?. The guy is just posting his thing he made and you come into the thread being a arsehole and advertising someone elses script.

why is this thread type even allowed

Mad? Not really advertising to be honest. I’ll be nice and snip the part about the many features in MetroLoad. It’ll be obvious when you click on the link the more features it has.

Guys, this is made to be simple and smooth. I could of easily made a loading screen with a percent bar and a rules list and all of that stuff but, honestly there is too many of those types of loading screens and they are just becoming too cluttered these days. This is for people who like simple and if you have something that shoves too much information down your throat it can make players not feel welcomed.

Lol Neddy, you’re a bit mad, putting dumb on all of my posts? Lel.

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Thank you for your contribution. <3

You must have some sort of reason to hate this guy so much, I refuse to believe people can be born to be that big of a prick, yes he really shouldn’t be selling it but it doesn’t mean everyone can just shit on the guy.