Smooth Movement Of Players and Objects

SMOPO is an addon i’d like for GMod.

If you’ve ever played Dead Rising, the game is very smooth for it’s age and beats Dead Rising 2’s smoothness. If any of you have ever seen the feature, it’s also available for certain TV’s. It makes movement very smooth whilst substituting a little quality. It goes at a very realistic speed.


SMOPO should be like that (serverside for full features, clientside for smoothness).

Doesn’t the built in source record feature do that?

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Also youtube links aint working

so you’re asking for motion blur

He wants high quality graphics and physics, i though the source recorder did that.

Source Recorder may do it, but I want it in Garry’s Mod whilst playing :slick:

Then type “startmovie smooth_graphics raw” into console when ever you want. Actually don’t if you have low hard drive space. Actually just don’t do it ever unless if you’re playing a demo and change host_framerate if you do