Smoothing Edges in 3Ds Max like in Google Sketchup

EDIT: SOLVED. But if anyone comes across this in a google search, please do read the thread if you want answers.

Hi, I’ve been searching all over the web for things to use to soften edges and make it so you can’t really see the individual faces.
I’ve tried NURBS, soften mesh, this, that, the other, all kinds of modifiers but nothing seems to work.

This what I mean, this the process in Sketchup:

In a game (Garry’s Mod)
(The supposedly non-smoothed one has 5 fucking iterations of nurb stuff applied)

The reason I need to do this because Sketchup, is honestly terrible. It does not import many DAE files correctly, and the textures get super fucked. And I have no clue how to fix it.

(See the repeating textures on the ear bits…)

However in 3Ds Max (and Blender but it’s smoother thing fucks up normals/shading) the textures are completely fine. If I export as DAE with 3DS Max/Blender and import to Sketchup, the UV maps are not preserved and the textures are all over the place, or just fails to import without supplying an error.

I didn’t rip these models, they were available on Modeler’s Resource.

Please do note I’m only just beginning in this whole thing so try to explain things in laymen’s terms.

3DS max smooths stuff just fine as long as you have smoothing groups. and it can import dae, export dae, as well as smd

You sure?[/t]
Still looks the same…

I don’t know what a smoothing group really is so I have no clue if the model has one or anything.

Also as for exporting…

That’s what I mean by UV mappings not being preserved.

If I apply a texture in 3Ds Max and THEN export, I import into Sketchup and I get “Import Failed” and I don’t get a model.

either you need to weld your verts or select only one smoothing group, not all 32…

Sometimes 3ds has a weird bug where it seems to forget about pre-existing smoothing groups. I’ve had it happen several times. I was never able to figure out how to fix it but since the last time I’ve had it happened I’ve been informed that using a “reset xfrom” modifier should do the trick.

So if that’s the problem that you’re having, SuperDuperScoot, you may try doing that.

For fuck’s sakes.

Welding did the trick. The instant I clicked it it became smoother than a baby’s ass.

No google search I did ever mentioned welding.

For now this looks solved, I’ll export it and report back to see if it looks correct in a game.

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Yes!! It works perfectly!

Thank you guys, insanity savers.

just make sure when you weld that you’ve got the tolerance high enough to get the verts you want, but low enough so that it doesn’t weld things that are too close together. It doesn’t look like it would be an issue with the model in the screenshot, but when you get into more detailed meshes, then it becomes and issue.

Sorry to bump this thread but can someone here give me a step by step idea of what SuperDuperScoot did to fix his model? I am literally in the exact same boat as him i just have no idea what to do to get there. I have been trying to do this for a year and a half and this is my first discovery of anyone having a similar problem as me so i would REALLY REALLY appreciate it.

I think what she did was just weld the vertices where a bunch were stacked on top of each other. The best way to do that is to make sure it’s an editable poly then go into vertex mode and hit ctrl+a. After that click the little box button next to weld and set the number low enough that it doesn’t combine vertices you want to keep but high enough that it combines the stacked ones.

You can also do normal averaging or normal smoothing to get a similar result. Not exactly sure where that is located in 3DS Max since I use Maya, but it should have it.

Old thread I know, though someone may find it useful when searching.