Smooting Displacements

I am working on trying to make the floating islands from Avatar. One problem I am having is smoothing the edges between the faces. Is there any simple way? I tried to clip and subdivide, but the clipping destroyed my displacements.

Smooth tool?

Select both faces and use it. (hold ctrl and click)

Why aren’t this things obvious? /facepalm


Doesn’t seem to do much. Maybe I’m using it wrong?

Don’t clip the displacements;

Do the brush like this using the clipping tool, then select all the outside faces except the bottom, make them power of 3 displacements and subdivide.

I tried that, and it didn’t turn out well. I guess I’ll just try to do it manually.

Displacements are fickle beasts. Although clipping has been put against, try chopping it a bit.

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Use larger radiuses, smaller lift values

I fail to see the pun or relevance.