SN4G official rust server PVP/SLEEP newbies welcome!

Hey guys we just got a new server for the SN4G fans who watch us on twitch/youtube and of course anyone who wants to have a great time on a fun server :smiley: We stream quit frequently with over 1300 followers and we upload on our youtube channel. We give back to our viewers by giving them gamer servers to play and we regularly do giveaways and various contests. Needless to say we have an amazing group of followers who will make sure you have a good time on our servers :slight_smile:


To connect:
net.connect net.connect RUST.SN4G.TV:28970


**Server location: **US East Coast (NY)
Slots: 50 (will upgrade if needed)
Sleepers: Enabled
PvP: Enabled

Things to come:
1. Oxide Mod: DONE

Basic rules:
1. Don’t be an idiot
3. Enjoy the game and have fun :slight_smile:

I have to say sn4g has a great community and they are great streamers I started playing on the server. Cant wait for the new changed


Thanks :slight_smile: we’re going to be adding much more!

Server is back online guys feel free to connect! I’m going to be livestreaming tonight as well :slight_smile:

hey guys so far the servers been a success if you want to hop on please do :smiley:

I’m loving the server Glen! hope you keep it around :smiley:

haha glad you enjoy it man :slight_smile: we’re waiting on adding mods.

DUDE you installed OXIDE!!! server is so much better now :D!!!

:smiley: yeah man we got some really sick mods installed.


glad you’re all enjoying the server guys!

server is back up and pretty active :smiley: come play if you want