METAL GEAR SOLID: Absolute Caracter Model Pack
2011 COMING!!!

Let’s see who’s brave enough
from peace walker, i ripped this ussing this app drom drakon I merged points and stuff, since im not a modder or anything have fun with this!

since texture ripping in psp is not a option i tried to texturize the flying metal gear with poor results
i`ll wait until i get the toy for making hi-res photos

twin snakes model rip progress

                 model   uv   finish          observation?

naked---------------- rip ok ready
normal--------------- rip ok ready
bond?---------------- rip ok ready

otacon--------------- rip ok ready

coronel-------------- rip ok ready

oppening cinematic— rip ok ready
briefing scene------- rip ok ready

normal--------------- rip ok ready
sneaking suit-------- rip ok ready
panty---------------- rip ok ready
soldier costume------ rip ok ready

grey fox------------- rip ok ready

darpa chief---------- rip ok ready
armstech president— rip ok ready

sniper wolf
normal--------------- rip ok ready one feet was mising, gopy and mirror paste the other
snow suit------------ na

psyco mantis
coated--------------- rip ok ready
normal--------------- rip ok ready

cloated-------------- rip ok ready
interrogation scene-- rip ok ready

ocelot--------------- rip ok ready
ocelot missing hand rip ok ready

vulcan raven--------- rip ok ready missing feet? fixing latter…

genome soldier------- rip ok ready

comando genome------- rip ok ready 2 poses

nuclear storage sol-- na

nude johnny---------- rip ok ready

popular characters (snake/otacon/ninja/meryl/ and foxhoud unit) are my top priority, secondary (naomi/colonel/darpachiefoctopus/president baker/ and troops) will be on the wait list until someone really wants one of these…

greyfox!!! mgs1 ver.


Loaded with some of the most famous characters from mgs1, pure awesome!!

download link:
nope, go and see this shit on youtube, then follow download link there!

Snake ain’t snakee enough

then again it’s just a model without textures so if anyone add’s any then cool

Whoa i just notice how low poly psp models look 0_0

the sad part this is the “high poly version” the in-game ver is alot more crappy, if only there’s a way to dump the textures

Without textures, this is essentially useless.

If this can’t rip any textures, it pretty useless from here.

I think it would be better for someone to take a model and just make a new snake from it, cause either the model and ragdoll suck (MGS2 and UT ports) or its too low quality/poly (smashbro’s port) to be used with other models.

Couldn’t you run snake eater on a ps2 emu and rip him from there?

For some reason the PS2 emulator doesn’t rip properly. It flattens everything into a single plane. Not useful for getting it into gmod.

Oh my god O.o Peace Walker is for win.

BUMP because this thread is win,

No. The PS2 Big Boss is younger. He doesn’t look as epic.
Here, it looks like that he headhacked the PW big boss’ head into the younger big boss body.

ok ripping stuff from the twin snakes now, if you want some models letme know or something, I hope this useful to someone, shame that the backgrounds loose their uv’s i wanted the helipad

i forgot, texture transparensy masks need to be redone…

Please please please get Liquid Snake.

tomorrow i’ll be playing this thing on the emu so i can take as many characters as possible, like sniper wolf, psyco mantis, ocelot, greyfox, vulcan raven, genome soldiers, otacon etc…

Well Otacon has a Metal Gear Solid 2 model for gmod already. So focus on the other ones I guess. As for other characters I could use the Colonel like the one in the screenshot you took. Keep up the good work.

thanks! shame there’s no mei ling in game… and ocelot’s costume is cooler in mgs1, and almost forgot young solid snake’s head!! and i’ll try to rip them in the most neutral pose i can get

I agree with you. Everything in MGS1 was better.

The only Mei Ling model I know of that could be possibly ripped from a game is from Metal Gear Solid, Special Missions VR training for the PS1.

It’s not bad for a PS1 model I guess.


Metal Gear Solid 1 Snake with no eyes.

Looks right to me.

I know it’s the model and not the porter, but his arms look way too skinny. Even considering he’s supposed to be lean.